Listen: Free Write Work at Final 5 Campaign Town Hall

During the most recent Final 5 Town Hall on September 17th, Free Write Community Navigators and students shared their voices and creative work. You can listen here: 

The Final 5 Campaign is dedicated to the closure of the final five youth prisons in Illinois. Placing a high value on community investment and youth leadership, our campaign has the power to reduce the number of youth in Illinois prisons to zero.

You can watch the full Town Hall on Facebook or Youtube, which discussed the current state of youth incarceration in Illinois. Hosted by Ann-Marie Brown and Kosi Achife. With speakers Olivia Blocker, Final 5 Campaign; Denzel Burke, Free Write / Final 5 Campaign; AnnMarie Brown, Circles & Ciphers / Final 5 Campaign; Felipe Franco, former Deputy Commissioner of the Division of Youth and Family Justice in New York City; Keyria Rodgers, Director of Criminal Justice/Teen Justice Programs at Millikin University; and Bettina Johnson, Liberation Library.

Illinois youth prisons traumatize youth, perpetuate racial disparities, and waste resources without improving public safety.

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