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The African Youth Forum organized by United African Organization is recognized as a unique event that brings together high-school and college-age youth of color to dialogue around key issues in their communities. The African Youth Forum raises awareness and support for young people of color from African immigrant, African-American, and other immigrant communities to build an understanding of each others’ points of view through dialogue, and in the process find common ground, strengthens ties, and promote cultural, educational and leadership development.

Last year, Free Write‘s Community Navigators were invited to present the Know Your Rights workshop at the African Youth Forum, but it was postponed due to the pandemic. The 2021 African Youth Forum will happen in March and will be completely virtual. Free Write is partnering with the United African Organization to help reimagine the online event to feature workshops including some by Pocket Con (one of Chicago’s largest comic book conventions focusing on work by artists of color and other underrepresented groups), Know Your Rights for police encounters/immigration, and one led by Ayodele Drum and Dance. The event will also feature phenomenal musical performances, maintaining energy and quality even as we present virtually. We will also be ending the night with a live DJ set by DJ L O Kari.

Today we are asking for your support to help us raise $1500. Make a donation on our GoFundMe Page

These funds will cover artist fees as we partner to bring these amazing artists to the UAO African Youth Forum:
Calid B
Mon Aerie
Ayodele Drum and Dance

Money raised will also go to participating Community Navigators. Free Write Community Navigators are court-involved youth who have worked with Free Write Arts & Literacy, as well as other young people from criminalized communities, who are working together to provide greater access to justice for themselves and for others in their communities, to address and provide for survival needs upon reentry, and to fight to end the cycles of incarceration and systemic racism.

Check back for updates and info on how to attend the event. Thank you for your support through a donation of any amount!